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Board of Directors AMFA

AMFA is governed by a 13-member board; these volunteers are elected from the membership to serve a staggered two-year term.
Wade Karnes
AMFA President Cast & Color LLC / Zakobe LLC
Wade was elected to the AMFA Board in 2017, and serves as Board President.  Wade is Chair of the Education Committee, and also serves on the Financ...
Blake Kolquist
AMFA Vice President GPM, Inc.
Blake was elected to the AMFA Board in 2018, and currently serves as Vice President as well as active with the Programs and ET Beer Social Committe...
Jill Lucas
AMFA Secretary Bay West LLC
Jill was elected to the AMFA Board in 2020, immediately taking on the role of AMFA Secretary.   She is also Chair of the Marketing/Membership commi...
Mary Brandt
AMFA Treasurer Advanced Minnesota
Mary Brandt has served as an AMFA or AMFA ET Board member since 2008, providing an important link to post-secondary education.  More importantly, M...
Donald Simons
AMFA ET President Duluth East High School
New to the board in 2021, Donald Simons immediately volunteered to serve as president of AMFA Educational Trust.  The position aligns well with his...
Todd Hanson
AMFA ET Vice President Productivity, Inc.
Todd was elected to the AMFA Board in 2012.   Todd is Chair of the ET Golf Social Committee and serves on the Programs Committee.   He also serves ...
Jeremy Lehman
AMFA ET Secretary/Treasurer L&M Radiator, Inc.
Jeremy was elected to the AMFA Board in 2013.  He is Secretary/Treasurer of AMFA Educational Trust, and serves on the Government Affairs and Progra...
Jake Pessenda
Director Altec, Inc.
Jake was elected to the AMFA Board in 2020, and serves as on the Marketing/Membership Committee. Jake is the Plant Manager at Altec, Inc. located i...
Jim Petruga
Director, Past President Northern Engineering
Jim was elected to the AMFA Board in 2015, serving as AMFA President in 2018 and 2019.  He is Chair of the ET Beer Social Committee.  Jim also serv...
Richard Pierce
Director Tip Top Chimney LLC
Richard was elected to the AMFA Board in 2020, and serves on the Education Committee. Richard is the owner of Tip Top Chimney located in Gilbert, M...
Dustin Thibodeau
Director Northland Machine, Inc.
Dustin Thibodeau started machining in 2004 and has been doing it ever since.  As a former business owner in Oregon - manufacturing awards, trophies...
Brad Vieths
Director Lake Superior College
Brad was elected to the AMFA Board in 2016, and serves on the Education, ET Grant Review, and ET Legacy Fund Committees. Brad is the Dean of Busine...
Ian Vincent
Director APEX
Ian was elected to the AMFA Board in 2014, and serves as Board Vice President. Ian also serves on the Marketing/Membership, Government Affairs, Fab...
Sandy Kashmark
Executive Director Midwest Manufacturers Association - AMFA
Sandy Kashmark started her career with TSMA as Administrative Assistant in 1991, not long after receiving a business degree from Minnesota State Un...

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